What are some of the biggest accomplishments for PULI?

Collecting blue checkmarks of validity like catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go - Gotta get them all!

The community is the driving force for the token and the games it will support. Without the community, Puli would not be a success. The leaders of Puli are especially grateful for all the contributions the community has made thus far and for being solid supporters in the peaks and valleys of BSC trading.

Puli has also accomplished a large number of notable achievements such as having their circulation supply verified on 12 sites such as Coingecko, Nomics, LiveCoinWatch, CoinPaparika, CoinDataFlow, CoinRanking, CryptoRank, CoinCodex, CoinChecko, Mobula, TokenInsight, and soon CoinMarketCap. A verified circulation supply is the equivalent of a financial audit and ensures high ranking, rapid pricing, and trending far and wide.

Puli is also audited by Coinscope, Interfi Network and Certik. All team members have passed KYC checks and have Doxxed to the entire Puli community on several AMAs.

Puli is whitelisted by a number of services to include: EverSwap, Flooz, Bogged Finance, Trust Wallet, 1Inch, and CoinMerge.

Finally, Puli has attained the coveted Blue Checkmark on BSCScan, which identifies the project as a valid public interest and separates the token from copycats and imposters.

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