Competitive Advantage
The unique features of Puli Games
Since competitors may offer similar products and services, it is critical that those who are looking to purchase PULI understand our competitive advantage.
The most unique features for the games published by the team of Puli include:
  • Released games on both Android and iOS -- Puli Runner is available for download now and has passed all reviews by Apple and Google.
  • In-App Purchases via Google and Apple Pay.
  • Advertisement revenue via advertisements displayed in the games.
  • Corporate onboarding of funds to return a share of the revenue to holders via:
    • Buybacks,
    • addition to liquidity,
    • additional supply to the staking pool,
    • funding the gaming rewards wallet,
    • or placed in strategic reserve in the multi-signature wallet.
  • Functioning play-to-earn experiences in the games and
  • Integration of NFTs minted at as 3D models in the game or used to unlock higher prize tiers for those participating in play-to-earn.
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