Locked Liquidity

Protecting liquidity over time

To ensure holders are never faced with a situation where liquidity is removed and forcing no way to sell tokens, the team at Puli has locked all liquidity owned by the project. This means that no liquidity can be sold for a certain period of time, which raises investor confidence in the project. This action also drives a healthy market and future for the token.

As an additional layer of security, all locked liquidity is under the protection of a multi-signature wallet. This means that should any liquidity become unlocked in the future, it would still require at least 2 of 3 core members to approve actions related to the liquidity to include relocking the LP tokens.

The ownership of the Locked LP Tokens is assigned to our Multi-Sig Wallet: 0xA017862ADba59aA030b8aA0433eD91D9d909B8B1

The Mudra Lock Certificate can be found: Here

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