Know-Your-Customer (KYC)

We are on record with KYC services

There are four reasons why KYC is a necessary part of any crypto process:

Establish team identity — Team identity validation is highly important because it establishes that team members are who they say they are. This step is necessary to avoid identity theft and other criminal activities that could endanger clients.

Support the holder's needs — KYC can also be used in crypto so potential speculators can assess their risk tolerance and needs in order to help them be well-informed prior to purchasing Puli.

Understand the nature of team member activities — In many use-case scenarios, KYC systems also monitor crypto transactions to understand a team's activities to qualify whether a person is legitimate.

Assess money laundering risks — One of the most important use-cases of KYC is to protect holders from money laundering and spot any suspected illegal activity.

There are a variety of KYCs that are performed with the way PULI is operated. The commercial banking and commercial paypal accounts are one example. The KYCs used to standup Lightspeed Crypto Services, LLC are another example. But, the more tranditional KYCs are identity checks performed by crypto services such as Coinscope, Certik, and Interfi Audit.

PULI has KYCs documents on file at Coinscope (2) and Intefi (1).

PULI has completed a Video KYC with DAR Exchange and has done an in-person KYC with XT.COM. PULI has also done a Video KYC with Gorrilla Diamond as well as Flooz Trade.

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